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Two Teenagers

by Knecks. | Score: 2200

"We'll make an emergency landing in the fields below. We can't keep going with the current damage to the plane. Make the announcement , NOW!" , the pilot screamed and a second later , a monotonous voice rang throughout the plane and a wave of uncertainty and fear took over poeple's minds.

"Are we going to die?" , A teenager asked his mother , who was accompanying him to a foreign science fair. 

"I sure hope not , son." , His mother replied while waving her hand over his head.


"I am leaving" , Tanjiro said after peeking his head inside the house. He was going to tend at the fields. He had started working for a rich farmer of the village who had agreed to let him work after his father's death , beaches of good will , not to take advantage.

Tanjiro held the how above his shoulder and moved towards the tomato fields , waving towards his farmer friends.

Suddenly , a tomato came flying towards him and a female voice followed.

"Have it. Its good for your health" , the voice said.

"Okay!" , Tanjiro replied and dug into the tomato with a fat first bite.


The pilot was trying hard to get the palne to land in the open area near the fields. But it was no easy task , the damage to the left wing was too severe. A blast and the wing went up in flames. The plane lost its balance and plumetted towards the ground , out of control.


"Hey! In the sky!" , A random farmer screamed , pointing at the

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