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by Hopeless Author | Score: 4150

Amalia climbed down the stairs when she head the commotion going on outside. There were two policemen banging on her door and she went to go answer it. 
"Um, good morning." Amalia stuttered. She pulled her robe over her as she felt the cold air hitting her.
"Is this the home of Amalia Houser?" The man asked.
"Yes, sir. May I ask, what is this about?" Amalia asked them.
"We are looking for Blake Rosewood. We have a warrant for his arrest." The policeman said to her.
"B..Blake? What did he do?" Amalia asked in confusion.
"Please, ma'am. Is he here?" 
"I..I'll go search for him. Would you please come in?" Amalia opened the door wide and walked down the hall and into the kitchen. "Blake?" She called. The kitchen was clean all for a used coffee mug that sat on the windowsill. 
Amalia walked outside the back door and looked around the yard. He wasn't in the shed doing any work. She walked further out where the pier was. "Blake! Are you there?"
"Miss." Blake appeared behind one of the boats. "You called."
Amalia took a shaky breath and grasped onto his arms. "Oh, Blake. The police are knocking on the door saying they've got a warrant for your arrest. I..I- What's happening?"
Blake looked at her scared face. "Nothing that should worry you, ma'am. This is my business, not yours. Now, get yourself back inside it's cold out here." Blake and Amalia walked back into the house.
"Please, just tell me. I"d feel better if I knew." Amalia pleaded. 
"You wouldn't, ma'am." Blake said as he picked up his mug and began to wash it.
"Well, if you won't tell me. I'll still do all I can to help you. I..I'll call a friend of mine he's a reserved baliff." Amalia was about to walk out of the door when Blake caught hold of her hand.
"Miss, please don't. I know you mean well, but this I have to do alone. Now, open your hand." He asked her and Amalia opened her hand. Blake placed a small packet of seeds in her hand. "I've sown my wild oats, I"ve seen the world, I've found a good friend, and that was you, miss. It's time for you to get on with your own life." He held onto her hand for a moment with the warmest smile.
"W...What?" Amalia looked up at him in confusion.
"Goodbye, miss." Blake let go of her hand and walked out of the kitchen.

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