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The Ritual Part 2

by Anonymous | Score: 850

The blood was in a puddle, dark and sticky. The girls gasped and walked around it. "The boys are playing a really sick joke." Lyra said. Still holding the string, the friends go deeper into the woods when they see a light a mile or two away. Jamie points out, "There!" They run to the light and see it's a huge fire, but the boys are nowhere to be seen. They walked over to the fire and sat down on the ground, a little spooked. A branch cracks behind the girls and they stand up quickly and look in the direction of the noise but see nothing. "Well look who actually showed up." One of the boys said, appearing from out of the darkness. Jamie let out a sigh of relief and punched him. "Logan! You guys scared us!" Logan chuckled and said, "I know, that was the point." A hand grabbed Lyra on the shoulder and she screamed, jumping to her friend's side. Another boy came out of the woods and laughed. "Aww, did I scare you?" Lyra got red faced and yelled at him, "Grahm!! I hate you!" 

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