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The Loss

by Anonymous | Score: 2450

Oliver's heart quickened as the bets closed and he laid down his cards: pocket aces of hearts and spades. On the table were the ace of diamonds, the jack of clubs, the jack of hearts, the two of spades and the six of diamonds. 

He had this won. The pot was worth five grand. And here he was standing triumphantly with a full house. Oliver looked up at Jacob and cracked a one-sided smirk. 

"I'll take those chips," he said smugly, reaching out a hand.

"Actually," ---Jacob insufferably drew out the last syllable of the word--- "I'll take THOSE chips!" 

Oliver felt his heart sink into the bile of a churning stomach as Jacob showed his cards: the other two jacks.

Son of a bitch! 

Oliver's fists clenched involuntarily. He could only watch as well over half his chips got scraped away.  His dad beside him slumped down into his chair, eyes welling. 

There was no hope of coming back from this one. The odds were ever higher than the lucky hand Jacob got dealt. 

A memory returned. One of that grumpy old fart of a crossing guard in elementary school. How he always yelled and cajoled him and his borther

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