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The Consuming Light (10 min exercise)

by Camilla M | Score: 1650

It was a cold night. Wind swayed the dead trees making them creak and groan.  Thomas had just finished raking the old path, it had taken an hour as there where many dead leaves and branches. He sighed to himself as he pushed his apple-red hair, out of the way of his tired eyes.  He sighed tiredly, it had been a long day. Even the dark sky seemed to transition into morning light as he made his way to his old car. He should probably get more sleep. It was then he noticed that the area become much lighter than before. Had he began to hallucinate? He looked around him only to see a bright piercing ball in the sky. For a second he thought it was the sun, but when he looked closer it was much smaller. His finger twitched uncontrollably, a habit he had gotten from any stress filled work days. Quickly he fetched his phone from his tight jean pockets, he noticed many missed calls immediately. Most were from his mother, but there were also many others. What was happening? He called his mother quickly. "Hello?Mum, what's happening?" he asked. "Thomas!" a loud and panicked voice answered. 

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