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Day dreaming

by Wordrush | Score: 900

Praised by my nightmares

I dream too much.
What I mean to say is,
the typical dream that comes
to our subconscious every night
is not something I usually remember
the dreams I see in broad daylight
encapsulates me
challenges me
and sometimes
even haunts me

I dream of better
I dream of more
I also dream of loss
and of the no-mores

I intend to dream of light
but I end up building thoughts
that go darker with each second
now, I dreamt of love
crimson, red and peachy
then I dream of the ones I loved
blue, grey and shady
soon, I dreamt of how I escaped
orange, purple and unlucky
and then, I dreamt of everything again
coal, black and muddy

can I control it?
filter all that drains me down
and keep all that helps me move on?
is there a talisman?
like a locket that can stop my evil thoughts
from becoming actions?
is there an way?
that I dream
and I forget?

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