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Dude goes deaf in a riot??

by Anonymous | Score: 2050

It took a minute for the world to come back to focus. There was a loud ringing in Star's head, and soon he realized there was a pair of hands holding his left arm in a tight grip. He looked over, followed their path to a familiar face in distress. Jack was screaming at him, but Star could only make out muffled noise over the tinnitus before it all quieted down. Star by instinct tried to relay his confusion to Jack, but the words die soon in his throat when he realises he can't hear himself either. It must be evident, because Jack looks worried too. Star feels another sting of pain in his ears. He may not hear himself, but he does still have the muscle memory to bring out his voice; 'I can't hear.'

Jack mouths 'what?' in disbelief. Or confusion. Star doesn't exactly know how loud the environment is anymore, but judging by the riot around them, he should probably yell it this time.  And so he does.
This time Jack heard. Star becomes too tired of waiting around to watch the string of emotions on his face though, so he makes an attempt to stand up and get moving already.,

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