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I tried to roll over on my side but my arm protested. I checked the bandage again. After the bath I took last night, Hudson helped me rewrap it. It was still pretty grusom looking but it was clean. Now the blood hadn't quite seeped through the bandage, except for a couple places and I took that as a good sign. Checking the rest of my body, most of the scratches had completely healed or were just thin red lines. I was still sore but I think that had more to do with how I had slept for most of the last 20 hours.
I decided to get up and go eat something. I met Hallee in the hallway.
"Oh, I was just coming to check on you." she smiled. She had a kind smile.
"I'm good. I just woke up actually."
"Sleep is good for healing. Have you eaten anything yet?" Without asking permission she touched my injured arm and pulled it up to inspect the bandages. I took it as a nurse thing.
"Not yet. That's where I'm going now. Is anyone around."
"Not that I noticed. Adrian is in his room."
"How is he."
"Pretty groggy but that could just be the pain meds."
"He needed pain meds?"
For some reason that made my heart drop into my stomach.
"He's okay. He just needs time and a little pain medication wont hurt him."
"Can I see him," I asked before actually thinking of what I was asking. Pandora started to pull anxiously at my control and I mentally brushed her awawy.
Hallee raised her eyebrows. "If he wants to see you I can't see why not."
I nodded. "Was he awake when you left him?"
"Mmhm. Come on, I'll see if he wants to see you."
She led me downstairs to the guest rooms. I was more than a little glad too as I had

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