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GiggleTine (Unfinished)

by Madisyn D. James | Score: 900

Tommy was numb from the stabbing pain of his rib cage. His throat was becoming dry, but he was numb  to that, too. He took a drag of his small, blue vape pen and a cloud of white smoke burst out of Tommy's mouth as he laughed while hacking up a storm. He made it to the doorstep of a small house that looked as though it was just repainted. Tommy knocked on the shiny waxed door, covering his mouth with the back of his hand. His smile wouldn't go away.

The door opened and Fred cocked one eyebrow. He looked Tommy from head to toe.

"I should've known," he said miserably. He pulled his Tommy by the arm inside the house, where Marc was finishing off a villain in a video game. After pumping his fist in the air in triumph, his victory-stricken face turned into worried eyes.

"What's wrong with Tommy?" he asked.

Fred threw Tommy down on the couch while he continued to laugh. "This GiggleTine.

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