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Cilla & Francis

by Anonymous | Score: 7700

The suite at Riverside Spire: Spa & Hotel smelled of rose petals and vanilla. The fragrant scents drifted through the air in an almost visible wave, wafting towards the open window. Outside the marble balcony was a view of the hotel pool, and beyond that a lawn of neatly cut green grass. The sweet smells mixed with air that forewarned incoming rain.

Within the room, several candles burned brightly. One sat on a side table beside the large bed. Soft white blankets were draped across it invitingly. A sprig of fresh lavender in a glass jar was placed on the other side table. 

It was a shame that there was no one available to enjoy it. 

In the attached living room, a young man was draped across the velvet sofa. He had a quilt covering his legs and a blanket propped under his right feet. His eyes were focused on the woman at the desk nearby. She was absorbed in a large stack of papers.




Not looking up, she paused for a moment. "Not now... please. Is that better? I am politely asking you to please shut up. Just a few more minutes, I promise."

"That's what you said half an hour ago." The man shifted slightly into a more comfortable position, continuing, "I know that you're busy- and that's what makes you such a good administrator, that you're dedicated to your work." He stifled a sigh. "But we only have a couple days left in our vacation, there's a storm coming... Couldn't we have a nice night in?"

A  police siren started whining in the distance, only just managing to pierce the room.  

Cilla finally turned her chair around, facing the man. "Francis. You know that I wish I could. It's just-" she gestured at the paperwork. "There's so much to do."

Francis sighed again, this time not bothering to hide it. "It feels like we never spend time together anymore. You're right there, but it's like I can't see you." Pointing at a corner of the room where several rolled up sheets of paper and a ball of yarn lay on the ground, he said, "I've spent this entire past week knitting, sleeping, and mapping stars I've already mapped a thousand times." He hesitated. "Is it- this isn't because of my ankle, is it? I know that I can't do as much, but the doctor said it's close to healed. There's no need to worry about it."

Shaking her head adamantly, Cilla leaned forward, her full attention now on him. "Francis, no. I swear, none of this is your fault. I just can't take a break, especially now that Dr. Jameson is retiring. We were already struggling to keep up as it was. They-"

"Need you. Yeah, that's what you always say." Francis sat up straighter. "But I need you too, sometimes."

Cilla's expression softened. Slowly, deliberately, she rose from her chair and walked over to perch on the edge of the couch by Francis's feet. His eyes tracked her every motion. 

"You're right," she murmured. "I'm sorry. I got caught up in everything and I'm stressed and worried about falling behind, but it's not fair that you - that we - have to suffer. I'm sorry." 

Cilla slid closer to his head and leaned over. Her breath smelled like the oranges she had been eating in lieu of an actual dinner. He tucked a strand of dark brown hair behind her ear. Their lips brushed gently. Francis reached out to bring their heads closer together, deepening the kiss. 

For a moment, everything was perfect.

A shrill sound cut through the air, slicing through the peace and quiet of the moment. Cilla's whole body jerked upright. "What was that?"

Francis did his best to push himself up. "I have no idea. It sounded like it came from right below the window. Do you... is there anything there?"

Cilla leaned o

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Letter Use the letter G
Event There is a great storm
Event Sirens sound in the distance
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Sentence "I can't see you."
Prop Include a ball of yarn
Character A drowsy astrologer
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Sentence "No need."
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Event A shrill cry echoes in the mist
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