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Newport News

by Anonymous | Score: 4450

Walking down the hallway at school. I noticed that Mike was acting kind of funny.  He kept bumping into people, lockers, and just about anything that was nearby.  When he didn't say excuse me after bumping into Andy, Andy turned around and shoved him to the ground. Mike jumps up and next thing you know a fight breaks out between the two of them. Andy's dad is an artistic sailor in the merchant marines. He taught andy to always carry a fork in case you come across a piece of cake. Today, after Mike tried to throw Andy to the ground,  Andy pulled out the fork and stabbed him in the eye.  Carefully Mike pulled the fork from his eye, but that was a huge mistake because blood started squirting out. Andy ran and hid in the janitor's closet alone and scared that the cops were going to take him away and put him in jail for life. Well, Mike died and it took the town's most talented mortician to fix his eye for the open casket funeral. Kids came from all around to write on the wall near where Mike died with a marker from the box of markers donated by Crayola. Never had the town of Newport seen a fight this bad.  Even the independent pharmacist at the Newport corner pharmacy said, I haven't prescribed this much xanax in my entire lifetime. The fork in the eye reminded the pharmacist of a previous unsolved murder 20 years ago in Newport.  A dead man was found in the baseball field dugout with just a fork and  a tomato. The ghost of that man haunts the field to this da

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Begin Start typing to begin
Letter Use the letter T
Words Reach 50 words
Event A fight breaks out
Character An artistic sailor
Prop Include a fork
Words Reach 100 words
Letter Use the letter C
Event Your character is all alone
Character A talented mortician
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a box of markers
Letter Use the letter N
Character An independent pharmacist
Prop Include a tomato
Event A murder needs to be solved

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