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Dark Sunday

by Fiction Ice | Score: 2150

The quiet city of Qsisa, one would marvel at the colorful bright light but one glimps on the ground with its inhabitants would open their eyes to the silence. Sure there was bustling in the streets but not a lot happened in the small poverty stricken city but when something did happen, that something was a huge event. 

 Dark Sunday, was such an event where all the power that went to the brightly lit building shut off pludging it into darkness. Everything Stopped. Panic insued of course for some but for others this was a chance to get back at the city. Tear up its foundationd by the roots. This was a problem for me, because those people had no regard for life and I, am a nurse. I knew the exact time the riots began because I kept checking by wristwatch yearning for the time I could go home. The riots began at 3:23 exactly, during my shift at Stanhaigh Hospital and I was looking over this young patient, about toddler in age that was screaming at the top of its lungs.  

I sighed from my station and grabbed the nozzle to a bottle of lotion by my desk. I started rubbing my hands together to spred it as I made my way to the babies hospital room. Just as I closed the door behind me just as the hopistal tremored under my feet a deafening explosion tore the walls apart and pelted the debree upon us. The constant ringing assaulting my hears made my head pound as I stumbled blindly through the room with a single thought in mind. 

Please let the Child be okay....

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Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter P
Event Everything stops
Words Reach 100 words
Character A quarrelsome roofer
Character An ambitious auctioneer
Letter Use the letter E
Prop Include a wristwatch

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