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The space colony

by Dull Endus | Score: 5650

An earthquake hits. Not that they've affected by it, hell, Jiom couldn't care less. He watches from his spacecraft as the earth shakes. It looks much less interesting from above than when you're in it, not that he's ever experienced an earthquake firsthand. Youtube videos have given him the pov. 
Jiom was born on earth, at least, that's what his mother tells him. But even in his earliest memory, he lived in this space colony. He remembers running around the long hallways, glass on both sides to make it seem he could run through space. The warden would always scold him, tell him running around the craft was dangerous. He'd tell them to 'shut up'. He never understood why humans hated that word so much until his teacher taught him the meaning of  'shut up'.
It's a human thing. Jiom wouldn't consider himself a human. Humans in the schoolbooks have nails and hair can falls down with gravity. But that's a story for another day.
Something snaps him out of his thoughts, a large cloud that moves over the earth. A storm!
He secretly feels proud for remembering what a storm looks like from above, especially since he's an absent-minded student. But he's seen plenty of them, but they continue to impress him.
He grabs his phone out of his purse and snaps a short video of the moving cloud formation to show his friends later.
His best friend, Toiy, loves watching storms. If he wasn't stuck in this spacecraft, he would've loved to be a storm-hunter. Jiom thinks he would join him. Though the thought of going down to earth terrifies him.
He recognizes the voice of the warden right away and turns to meet him. There's a strange bottle in his hand, with the inscriptions 'spice' written on the side.
''Jiom, what are you doing here?'' the warden asks.
Jiom points at the earth.
''I'm watching the storm,'' he says innocently, though he's not lying.
The warden looks conflicted, but doesn't doubt him.
''Did you happen to see anyone else pass through this hall?'' he then asks.
''Other than the idiotic chiropodist, no one really.'' Jiom shrugs.
The warden sighs this time, muttering a: ''Thanks for nothing then,'' under his breath before he continues his way down the hall.
''Did you tell him?''
Jiom shakes his head, grinning. The creature behind him turns visible and laughs. 

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
Event An earthquake hits
Location A space colony
Words Reach 100 words
Letter Use the letter G
Sentence "Shut up."
Event There is a great storm
Words Reach 200 words
Character An absent-minded student
Prop Include a purse
Character A childish school crossing warden
Letter Use the letter T
Words Reach 300 words
Prop Include a spice bottle
Character An idiotic chiropodist
Sentence "Thanks for nothing."

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