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Excerpt 5

by Maddie M | Score: 2350

I slam my head into the wall behind me. The rag stands firm, held  against my mouth firmly. The air I have lost does not return. 
I do not, cannot, breathe. I can't feel my lungs. They burn. I can't see. The room is blinding bright. I can't scream. My sobs for help echo around in my head. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. I can't breathe. 
A man in the corner of the room is my target, my curses interrupting the flow of water as I glare at the man with crossed arms and gleaming tools on his belt. I try to breathe, only to swallow what feels like an ocean of salt. My tears mix with the water. My body bucks against its restraints. The man holds out a hand. I still. The water stops. 
He approaches with slow feet as someone pulls the rag from my mouth. I choke on my sobs in the absence of water, air burning my throat. The man smiles at me, teeth perfectly straight, perfectly white, eyes perfectly familiar. 
The dentist. 
The pliers on his belt gleam in the dim light as he lifts them. I clamp my jaw shut, shaking my head as tears burn my cheeks. "Please," I manage through tight lips. 
"You can stop this at any time," He tilts his head, twisting the jagged tool. "Just tell us what you know."
I take a deep 

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