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Plane Crash

by Rey Ashton | Score: 1600

I stumble out, chocking on ash. My skin is tender to the touch and my ankle screams at me. My vision is blurry and all I want to do is collapse and fall asleep. But the screams of the other passengers bring me back to reality. I can’t rest yet,  not until I’m somewhere safe. 
The engine roars behind me but it fades into the background as I fall to the ground. The sand is hot against my hands. It’s wet and red with my blood. A chuckle builds up in my chest and I laugh. I laugh and laugh in pain, tears dripping from my eyes. 
I am supposed to be in Miami right now. I am supposed to be reunited with my family. We would celebrate my graduation at my favorite restaurant ‘Spicy House.’
My arms give out and I collapse onto the sand. My eyelids seem to weigh a thousand pounds and it’s harder to keep them open. The screams fade and turn to the voices of my family.
“My dear boy, welcome back.”
“I’m so proud of you baby.”
“Let’s celebrate.”
I muster a weak smile, my eyes closing for the final time. 
And I sleep, never to wake up again.

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