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The Old Woman with Black Eyes

by Kevin J. Miller | Score: 1250

BC won the lottery the day the sun forgot its name. It was more money than he could count, but few were impressed because he couldn't count very high. He took his winning (objectively, it him a long time to tuck it into his wallet) and went down to the church district. He didn't go into any house of worship, but instead ventured in the alleys behind them. He found the old woman he remembered, the one with black ears. He gave her all his money he said, "Give me the memories I should have by now. Give me fears that will make me appreciate everything from a bowl of stale cereal to falling sleep and waking up and the insects in the living room that are so damn annoying. Give me a scar from a battle that I was no longer afraid to fight."

She took his money and said, "What's your name?"

"We've met before. I'm--"

"What's my name?"

"You never actually told me what your--"

"Why can't you tell when I ask you the same question twice?"

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