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The soccer book

by Ooga-booga | Score: 900

Hi Alfred, you're the best!
Because you won the world cup yesterday!
And because you are 11 years old now! 
And because you have a girlfriend!
Awesome stuff I wish you were my boyfriend ( I am a boy). ECT and your girlfriend is so pretty that I wish she was my girlfriend and stuff so you now I'm just a normal good ol'  matey with my super pal matey ba-gatey. So I'm walking around all the time looking for a girlfriend. But that person never came; Until one day I meet a beautiful girl Called Emelia Stuart
At the age of 15. (my age) lived happily ever after.
Then I became the captain of the united states National soccer team and I became so excited for the first match of the season! so Thats what happened I won

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