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Cold Breakfast

by Jennings Alverson | Score: 2000

The tavern is cold, his food is cold, he is cold. Everything is cold. Perhaps eating breakfast at this particular tavern had been a bad idea, but he honestly couldn't think of better place to get cheaper prices, he just hadn't expected it to be freezing inside.

He is shaking, struggling to actually lift the spoon towards his mouth, almost spilling the contents on the floor. The only good part of it is the drink, which is deliciously cold and fresh and doesn't taste half-bad.

He's so focused on the cold and eating, he barely notices the quarrel developing behind him.

"That's not for you!" The barman yells at some guy dressed in rags. "Come back when you can pay it, you mutt!"

The guy runs away, a loaf of bread held tightly in his hands. One of the guards at the front of the tavern follows him and a gust of cold wind enters the place.

"Should've chosen a warmer place."

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event Breakfast is served
Location A tavern
Words Reach 50 words
Letter Use the letter L
Words Reach 100 words
Sentence "Not for you."

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