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Kevin went to pick up is sister from school this morning, as usual. He always does this when he finishes work because she has a disability problem. She's only 7, but really smart. The only problem she is facing is not being able to see anything, at least not not blurry. On his way to his sisters, noes, school, he heard a baby crying. he was wondering where this cry is coming from, but could not realize the exact location. As he searched for the baby he saw a turtle in the middle of the road. As he picked it up in order to move it from the cars way, he realized there is not turtle in the turtle house. 
But he could not let himself spend any more time, he needs to pick up his sister on time from school so she will not be afraid that she is left alone. 
As he arrived nots school, he saw her standing alone in the entrance, with something colorful in her hand. As he got closer, he saw a box of markers. 
He did not ask any questions, but huge her and asked her how her day was. 
As she answered, Kevin was shocked. She tolled him about how the box of markers was a gift from her classmate for letting him kiss her. It was her first kiss. 
Kevin got furious. He knows that Noa known about their money problem, and how they barely make it to dinner every day, not to mention the bills that need to be payed. So she probably did it to have free markers. But for Kevin it was not free. 
He was so furious that some 7-year old has used his sister this way that he has set up a revenge plan. 
A revenge on a young boy might not be the best idea. but these were his instincts. Why? that's a good question. Maybe he felt its his fault, or maybe he was furious not to think straig

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Event Your character plots revenge
Letter Use the letter Y

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