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The halls were silent as he walked forward, heavy boots clinking on the floor. He held up a tray in one hand and a keycard the in other. There was only one destination in mind.

A door soon came to view and he felt a smile play on his lips from under the mask. Sliding the card across the acess panel he waited patiently until it opened. Inside he could hear soft chittering.

"Good morning kids. I've got breakfast." He called out into the room, keeping his voice low. 

Hannah was the only one sitting up. She was sitting in the midst of the blankets pooled on the floor seemingly focused on something or someone in her lap. Still she looked up when he entered giving him a hum in acknowledgment.

The door slid shut as he stepped inside, pocketing the keycard. 

Ignoring the mess on the floor he walked over to set the tray down on a desk pushed to the wall. "Is Tommy awake yet?"

He gets a soft trill in response.

Sam turns away from the food to look at his kids. Tommy was seated in Hannahs lap wide eyes staring up from his curled position. 

The sight of his kids being so cute, so domestic never failed to bring a smile to his face. As much as he wants to watch them like this forever he does need them to eat. "I'll take care of him, you go ahead."

Hannah seemed to hesitate. "I'll let you have him after. You have my permission." This seems to satisfy her as she picks her brother up with ease and hands him over to Sam.

He's so fragile. Letting out a whine when Hannah leaves him, ears pressed back and tail curling around him. Sam chuckles at his cute behavior. It had certainly been a surprise to find out Tommy was a hybrid but it was better for all of them in the long run as it was much easier to force him into a submissive headspace.

It was much better for him like this. All wide-eyed and dependent on his family, easily distracted by small trinkets such as bracelets or golden apples. 

"You're such a good boy Tommy," he smiled as he settled into the blanket nest. His ears perked up at the praise and soft purring could be heard. Sam tilted his head up so he could press a soft kiss to his sons lips. He continued to whisper praises as he kissed all over his face.

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