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The military

by Jessica | Score: 1950

The land was frozen no sign of life appeared, only a few men walking in the knee deep snow. The men moved as fast as they could go in the snow. They felt frozen as the cold wind slashed against their faces. The men wore green military clothes, both with a gun by their side in case of danger. Starving to death as they walked more, but they knew if they walked back they would be killed if they did not complete the mission.   Many men dropped into the snow too cold to move anymore and very hungry.  The a few men were left when they reached the ice covered cave. The men walked in holding their guns tightly. The cave was frozen and it was dead silent.  There was a broken radio in the corner  with sheets noting someone else used to be there.  "The army beat us again!" One military man roared. "Clam down John." Said another man. "Clam down!" John yelled. "What are we going to do when we tell chief Blaise Moitessier when we come back and tell him we failed!" He roared shaking the cave. John grew furious that the army got there first.  He was so upset his face grew red  when that happened they all 

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