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The odd body

by Anonymous | Score: 2350

A stranger fell across the sidewalk this morning. I peeked through the windowsill and saw his body collapse in the middle of the street. Panicking, I rushed into my room and strapped my boots hauling outside calling the police. Even explaining the situation out loud was baffling to me as I ran towards the stranger. Crossing the street with cars driving through as if they saw nothing. Wait, was it just me?

Nevertheless, I approached the body, crouched down and checked his pulse. Nothing. I placed two fingers next to his wrist, throat and even his heart but there was no sign of life anywhere. What was going on? A blonde kid in an orange t-shirt passed by and I called out to him asking for help. He gave me an odd stare and went along minding his own business. I checked my own pulse incase I was still under effect from last night but it was steady. Out of curiosity, I took my phone out to take a picture but through the phone lenses, I could not see the body. I looked through the phone and back and could not comprehend anything.

An old woman with curly white hair jogged towards me. "What's wrong?" she said as she focused on me the whole time. I pointed at the body and asked, "You can see this right?" She straightened her back slowly and flapped her orange vest and I learnt she was a traffic warden signaling the intersection nearby. "See what?" she said as if I was insane.

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Event Someone passes away
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Character A passive traffic warden

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