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Yandere Simulator

by YZS | Score: 1250

Ayano ran through the school hallways, searching for Senpai. She tried to slow down, since there were student council members lurking around. Ayano came to a halt at a classroom. Senpai was seated behind his desk, reading a book. Ayano let out a sigh, relived to see him. This was the longest she had gone without seeing him. A girl approached Senpai. She introduced herself as "Osana" and bowed in respect of the upperclassman. Osana revealed a box wrapped with a red and blue ribbon. She placed the gift on his desk, then walked away. Ayano backed away from the classroom, bumping into a student. "Sorry," she mumbled. The student was the art club leader, Kenji. Ayano panicked. Did he notice her staring at Senpai? "No worries." Ayano walked the opposite direction to avoid talking with him.

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