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by Anonymous | Score: 2800

I grabbed my bow and arrow and slung it around my shoulder. I tossed my quiver full of a dozen arrows, and quickly grabbed my bike and raced to Emma's house. I used almost all my energy to peddle as quickly as I could, ignoring the many stares I got on the way.

I tossed my bike and Emma had been waiting. She owned a large farm, and had a large target range, and that's why I had came. 
"What's wrong?" She asked.
"I can shoot a bullseye," I stated.
She rolled her eyes, and said, "You've always been able to shoot a bullseye."
"I can shoot a bullseye while looking in the other direction," I corrected.
She looked at me in disbelief. "Are you hydrated or..." She said.
"No, let me show you," I said, pulling a arrow from my quiver and glancing at the target. I looked in the opposite direction and in three seconds let go of the arrow. I looked back, and saw the arrow shot into the very center of the target. I looked at Emma, who stood their in disbelief.
"That's... That's just luck," She said.
"I'll do it again." I said, already pulling out an arrow.

After doing it five times, Emma was standing in disbelief.
"You're like Hawkeye!!" She exclaimed.
"Or Kate Bishop," I said.
"She's a Hawkeye," Emma stated.
I shrugged, and shot the arrow again. 
"Have you tried something smaller?" Emma asked.
"Yeah, I found out when accidentally shooting through a tennis ball." I said.
"That's amazing! When did it start?" She asked.
"This morning," I stated, Emma grabbing her Bow and Arrow.
"Let's test this," She said.
She had to be one of the best archers I've ever met, but I think I was better. I smiled and we both grabbed and arrow.

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