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The Messenger

by Blake M. Lawrence | Score: 2000

The three frames were identical. Identical except for one barely-visible smudge in the lower-right corner. It moved in rudimentary animation between the three frames.
"Looks harmless from here, doesn't it?" said Dr. Ruth.
Dr. Sidon continued staring. Her half-closed eyes betrayed the toll of their 30-hour shift.
"You'd almost think it was a random act of chaos."  Dr. Ruth had been musing poetically for two days now. "These messengers must truly be dilligent builders..."
Dr. Sidon shook up head in muted frustration.
"We know nothing of these... 'messengers'" She said.
Dr. Ruth's eyes widened. 
Fourteen months ago, the first of the 'messengers' had struck just 40 kilometers from the underwound research station. It's metallic remains resplendent across a floating monitor at the opposite side of the room. The scale of the image looked less like a 12-foot meteor impace and more like a plane crash.

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Letter Use the letter T
Words Reach 50 words
Character A diligent builder
Words Reach 100 words
Event An airplane crashes
Event A meteor approaches Earth

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