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Following The Night

by L. Samhain | Score: 2500

After waking up the morning after going drinking in an unfamiliar bed, he was glad to find the smell of a cooked breakfast wafting from beyond the door.

Standing and regaining balance after a momentary wobble, he steps out into the living area to see his bed-mate from the night previous - a tall, burly fellow not currently wearing a shirt as to expose the beautiful tattoo engulfing his back - cooking the aforementioned (aforesmelled?) breakfast.

A cup of coffee awaited him as he sat down and he was greeted by the sight of a smile that made his belly flutter from how affectionate it was.

Looking around the nicely decorated apartment, he noticed multiple decorative weapons adorning the walls, including an elegantly crafted re-curve bow that had pride of place over a mantle no longer attached to a functioning fireplace. 

Not much else caught his eye, so he just opted to watch as his host bustled around the kitchen and plated their breakfast, bringing it to him and allowing him to graciously dig in to it with gusto.

The two men eat their food in silence, but find no awkwardness in the space, only a calm content and anticipation for what could come next when they do finally speak of their previous actions.

He takes the opportunity to really observe and memorize his hosts features, finding the stern furrowed brow as he ate and bulky frame he sported quite appealing and honestly, pretty cute.

He hoped that from this point forward, they could see each other again, not wanting this particular figure to fade from his memory just yet.

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Character A stern builder

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