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She is Dead

by Sophie Dickerson | Score: 3000

I walk outside to find that my best friend's (and neighbor's) dog is hurt. I check on the poor thing as he IS lying in my yard. It seems like his left leg is hurting him a lot, and because it is 7:00 pm, no one else is awake. So I ran across the street to my friend's house to tell her what had happened. But the door is unlocked and opens when I knock. Knowing this could not be good, I ran inside, already dialing 911. I enter my friend's bedroom and find her there.. lying on the floor. I didn't see the blood at first. But I do notice the bullet holes in the room, all over the walls. And a banana (my friend's favorite snack) on the floor right next to her. She used to be my best friend. She would make fun of the vulnerable managing director I liked. Even though she lost her job after that. I knew she did it out of love. Now that I am wide awake from the scene, I realize the phone stopped ringing, and I answered the phone and tried to speak calmly, hearing sirens in the distance already. Only one thought ran through my brain: She is Dead. She is Dead. Wait. How? How could she die if I was here just an hour ago? I was helping her with a college assignment late last night because she got confused by some things. How could this happen if I was still awake? I did not hear any gunshots........ Oh no, Oh god no...... I did it, didn't I? 

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Character A noisy barbarian
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Event Someone loses his/her job
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