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courage is not found

by kai | Score: 3600

the rumbling on the ground was almost deafning, glass smashing and houses colapsing. the toothpaste layed on the ground vilonty shakeing, of couse that misrable sports coach was able to survive this massive earthquake. that was only the start of this horrible day, soon rocket shaped misiles flew towards my already dammaged house, as a walked over to investigate the desruction, a human-like creature emerged from the wreckage collecting bangle  bracelets whilst walking towards me. although it seems human, theres something significantly wrong with its energy. it is not human. before i could collect my thoughts it ran towards me with a fearful face, "you, come with me quickly" before i could say no, it latched onto my hand and ran quickly. "who even are you" 
"you could say im an adventuras hany man, now quickly, the world is going to end" 
whist running he handed me a shirt button and told me to put it into my pocket.
why, why is this happening, wh

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Event An earthquake hits
Character A miserable sports coach
Prop Include a tube of toothpaste
Words Reach 50 words
Words Reach 50 words
Event Aliens invade
Letter Use the letter L
Prop Include a bangle bracelet
Words Reach 100 words
Character An adventurous handyman
Event Civilization has come to an end
Prop Include a shirt button
Letter Use the letter Y

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