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by Anonymous | Score: 1600

She stood still in the attic entryway. The smell of rotten flesh came at her like a giant wave in the ocean. She wanted to run away from the smell. But there she stood like a frozen sculpture, waiting for whatever was up there to come to her. All alone she was. Gone from the world. She holds her small action figure her father gave to her face. It was a small figure with little joints, but it remadid her of memories long forgotten. Looking into the eyes of the little warrior gave her the courage to take the first, difficult, small step. The small skinny wooden stairs creaked with each hesitant step. If there was anything up there it would for sure hear the sounds of wood. She peeked her small head into the attic. Furniture hiding underneath blankets, lamps with burnt out bulbs, dusty wooden flooring and a tadered Canadian flag hanging on an old rocking chair. She slowly creeps in, carful to avoid making any loud creaks. She searched around eyeing the furniture until she found a small fridge. She opened it to find sweets and 

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Character An idle teaching assistant
Event Your character is all alone

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