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She stood and went to the window, gazing out into the night. The yellow light from the lamp by her bed stretched out across the yard as she swept back the curtains, glinting on the grass. Nothing. She could've sworn she'd heard something, but it must've been nothing at all. 

She turned back to her bed now and clicked off the lamp. In the shadows, she stood quietly for a moment, listening to distant city sounds and the faint hum of the fan by the door. The humidity of another extra hot summer washed over her, heavy against her skin. 

The coolness of the pillow on her cheek as she lay down was exactly what she needed. She wondered if she could catch a fever from weather like this. Heat waves in June? It had happened before. She wondered if she should go out and buy another fan, so she didn't have to keep moving the other back and forth between the bedroom and the kitchen. It was only unnecessary exertion. 

She was exhausted now, too; once her mind had left that strange noise behind, it was so very easy to just close her eyes and slip into the cool watery depths of sleep. Floating through her own mind, in currents of darkness, twenty thousands leagues under her own sea. 

When she woke, the sun was soft and pink, burning through thin cotton clouds as it came up over the horizon. She rubbed her feet across the slippery sheets as she stretched, realizing she'd forgotten to close the curtains. Next time. 

She forced herself up and out of her cozy bed to shuck on a clean shirt and make her way into the kitchen. The tile felt nice and cold. The air was hot again, like it hadn't cooled overnight at all, even though the temperature had dropped some. She pulled a pan off the drying rack beside the sink and cracked an egg into it to watch the cloudy whites turn the color of linen and sizzle around the edges. In the distance, sirens whined and cars honked. She wondered if someone was dying somewhere. A life was ending while she watched an egg cook in a pan. It probably wasn't anything at all, now that she thought about it. Someone was probably just getting robbed.  
She searched through a nearby drawer to find a spatula, and then sprinkled some pepper on her egg before flipping it over. Looked pretty good, not too brown on that side. She liked the yolk runny, liked to cut into the fried egg with a fork to watch it run over the plate like spilled blood. Morbid, maybe, but she didn't care.

She found a plate for her breakfast and turned off the stove before sitting herself down at the kitchen table. And she ate, looking out the window occasionally, enjoying the sights of her backyard and the sounds of life and civilization around her. How strange, to think that she was a part of a whole entire world full of all kinds of different people, each one with their very own life. Hard to comprehend... she was feeling very philosophical this morning. The egg was perfecty 

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