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Random start

by Anonymous | Score: 1800

War was declared. 
That’s exactly how I felt about beginning this little exercise. 

These damn nails make it nearly impossible to type on my iPhone. 

I have no idea what to say or how to start so forgive me. 
It’s close to 5 am and I’ve been stationed at this desk all night. 

No, not for work. But by choice. 
I wish I knew. 
I didn’t go to work because I convinced myself that it was a good idea not to. 

Gee, I’ve only been writing for 2 and a half minutes. Oh lord. 

I should probably get back into the habit. 
This is difficult. 
I need to see a doctor in the morning. Something isn’t right. I know there’s multiple things that aren’t right. But I can really feel it. 

Hopefully I find somewhere accepting walk ins. 
COVID has made that, and so many other things, just things of the past. 
Trying to adjust is excruciating sometimes. 
We get blinded by what we think we know. 
The world is a crazy place. I just pray that we look after each other with the best intentions for others and ourselves. Before the world blows up. Because it seems like it’s getting close. Probably not within the next 3 minutes though. I’m going up submerge myself into my bathtub and light a candle. I need to relax. How else, but that? I just realized it’s adding to my score As I type. Is that right? Maybe. I’m on my iPhone so I can’t see the score and type symbol taboo

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