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Jayce's hands trembled as he handed over the envelope. Lucy accepted it; mind mute with shock. She stared at it - the crinkled sepia felt weighty in her hands. She had to brush away ash and dirt to read the name. Hers. Of course. Who else could it be for?

"We found it - it was the only thing left. We tried to find survivors, or... Or anything. It was all levelled. I'm sorry. I tried - we tried - I don't know what we could have done -"

Lucy quieted him with a squeeze to his shoulder. "You did all you could, Jayce. This is... a lot. You did well." Lucy was polite enough not to comment on the tremble in his lips, and the tears quickly forming in his eyes. 

"You know what - who it is from?" Jayce asked; voice thin. "It had no name, no body attached to it. I don't even know how it survived such a fire."

Lucy brought the envelope up to her nose, and sniffed slightly. The sharp tang of electricity made her move her head and cough. "Ugh. Yes, I know of only one person's magic who could be such an affront to the senses. This is good, truly. I don't like it, but her help will be essential in the battles to come."

"She, ma'am?" Jayce asked.

"Yes," Lucy replied, but responded no further. It was best he didn't know. "Go on. The air ships leave first thing in the morning. I'll need you rested if we are to make the best of this opening."

Looking relieved, Jayce quickly took his leave. It was hard for him to hide his limp, but he tried valiantly regardless. Lucy watched him go with a sigh; envelope gripped in her hands tightly. He was too busy trying to hide his own, he didn't stop to notice her own trembling.

She waited a moment.

And one more, just to be safe.

And then she took a breath, and opened the envelope.

Jayce was just out of the building when the explosion happened; knocking him to the ground - the breath from his chest. His ears rung as he turned around -

She was gone.

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