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Don't Eat the Pork

by Bettyann | Score: 1300

"Get out of my way!" yelled Derick as he pushed his way through the crowded hallway. He barely made it to the toilet before he started projectile vomiting. "AAHHH, this is really bad", he thought as he clung tightly to the side of the toilet. "So, this is what it means to "ride the porcelain bus!" "Derick leaned back on his heels, while still clinging  onto the side of the toilet for support. Then, "Oh, oh" He quickly jumped up pulling his pants down, turned, and just made it. He plopped down hard on the toilet seat. Now, both ends! 
"I will never come to this restaurant again! I knew that pork smelled rancid."
As Derik sat there on the toilet in the public restroom moaning, he tried to not make so much noise. But, politeness be damned! He was sweating profusingly, holding his stomach while searching for the trash can. He didn't think he could jump up fast enough to turn around to puke in the toilet. The major two ender blowout!

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Event Someone gets food poisoning

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