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by Carin | Score: 3750

when I work up today, I felt very dizzy. I had no idea why, but I felt as if I had some sort of mental collapse. to begin realizing what is going on with me, I first started my morning as usual. I went to wash my face and gave a visit to the toilet as well. Every morning I can spend up to 1 hour in this position. not only do I do what everyone does in the toilet, but I also spend time on my phone which can result in too much spent time. But this morning, my mom surprised me. for the first time, breakfast is served with butter. Now.. I know for you it may seem normal, we we hadn't had butter in our home since the moment I remember myself. The reason? may mother is an aushwitgz surviver. 
They may not have been served with butter at the time, but instead with margarine. 
the thing is, it is so harsh in her mind that butter and margarine have no difference for her. 
As I said, it surprised me. But I did not ask anything in order to not provoke her feelings. 
I include a banana in my breakfast most of the time, but this time we were out of every fruit. No fruits but we do have butter? something strange is happening this day. I still feel dizzy. But because this morning was unusual, I put myself together.. 
A few days ago, my mother had presented me with her new partner she started dating, "he's a thinking television presenter" she said. 
What does it mean? You tell me..
Its not like hearing someone goes to prison, but its a really weird presentation of a person. His name was Jones, or Johan? maybe Joy? I cannot remember but it sure started with an J since I can remember my mother telling me "how funny it is that my last 7 partners had a J in their name? Well… yes. 

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Event Breakfast is served
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Prop Include a banana
Character A thinking television presenter
Event Someone goes to prison
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Letter Use the letter J

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