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by Kaylee Tedder | Score: 4600

Henry was a reserved firefighter and was super hot. One day he went to go save someone in a building and they died because his throat felt sore when he was walking up the stairs. So he went back outside and grabbed a bottle of water to drink. On his way back inside he caught up with an o ld friend. His friend gave him an old novel that had witchcraft and spells in it. Henry just kinda let the dude in the building die because he was too busy reading his new book. He wants to know how to properly do one of the spells so he goes to the artistic shoemaker that is secretly a demon. But Henry wanted proof he could do magic so the shoemaker made it pour outside. Then Henry started crying because he has always wanted a bright pink hair bow since he was 5 but never got one so the demon made one appear on his head. He was so happy that he would do anything the demon wanted him to. So the demon told him to go declare war on Kim Jung Un and he did because he didn't like Kim Jung very much anyways because he asked him for a bright pink bow when his obsession first started and Kim Jung said no. Instead Kim Jung threw a bar of soap at his face and told him to go cry  in a ditch with muddy fat pigs like himself. After the war got declared Kim Jung captured Henry and the shoemaker and put them in prison. Then a weird therapist that was obsessed with them because he was gay broke them out. Then they all started dating

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