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A Mysterious Letter

by Hannah | Score: 2450

The dust settles on the floor, having been displaced from the countertop where my shaking hands now rest. They hold a letter and I'm not sure what to make of it. The handwriting—familiar and comforting—is complete nonsense as I can best discern. I stand up and begin pacing around the room, still gripping the letter with a vague fear of tearing it open. I glance around, knowing full well that no one else is in my home. I'm alone, aside from Mona who sits stoically in the front hall–her stony features offer a foreboding warning to any guests and I quite liked that about her when I spotted her at a garage sale last spring. 

Mona judges me silently, and I know that she would've been brave enough to open the letter by now. Giving her a scowl, I make my way back to the kitchen and scarf down a banana muffin. You know—for fuel and bravery and stuff. Then I tear open the letter. 

At first, I can hardly handle the nonsense that greets me inside the minuscule envelope. A picture of my great uncle is printed out on antique paper, looking as half-crazed and delighted as I remember him. In the photo, he's wielding a baseball bat and a vial of some odd liquid. No doubt, the man shattered that vial only seconds after the shutter clicked on the camera. He was an eccentric one, Uncle Paul, but never to the point of assuredness. The confidence with which he grips the vial is only betrayed by the doubt etched in his forehead. "Will this experiment work?" he was surely wondering. "Or will I be 

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event A mysterious letter arrives
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Letter Use the letter O
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Prop Include a statuette
Prop Include a banana
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