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by Guardian | Score: 850

Run. That's all I could do. And its what I've been doing for most of my life.

"You can't run forever you puny little insect!" She screamed at me.

I stopped for a moment trying to catch my breath.

'No. You don't have time to hide you idiot! She's right behind you! You have to keep running!' I thought as I began to run again.

"I've got you little one." I felt something twist around my throat pulling me back.

I fell to my knees. Her hand wrapped around my neck replacing whatever was there before.

"I'm going to enjoy having you as a snack." I heard her lick her lips. I could imagine the sadistic smile she had on her face right now as I thrashed trying to escape.

"Don't worry my prey I'll make this quick." She sneered.

'Because thats all I am to you mother prey' 

That was my last thought as everything went dark

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