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by Anonymous | Score: 5650

the door creaks, sliding on unoiled hinges. the girl flinched, drawing a sharp breath in through her nose. Her body felt as though it was wrapped in electric barbed wire. but she brushed aside her fears, fiddling with her shirt button as she stood up and walked over to the door. When she opened it, outside stood a solitary shoemaker, the one who lived down the block. His face was gray with panic. "They're coming," he gasped. the girl frowned in confusion. "What's coming? what's going on?" the shoemaker paused for breath, panting like an exhausted dog. "Aliens are here," he sputtered finally. "They invaded the whole place." he stood up and reached into  a worn leather satchel around his waist. From inside he pulled out a pasta strainer, metallic and cold. he gripped the handle and used it as a weapon. Suddenly there was a scream from the house across the street. the man and the girl ran as fast as they could, tearing through throngs of arguing, panicked people. Inside a ring of people, the local baker was beating the banker over his head with a rolling pin. The banker was cowering, defenseless, as he took blow after blow from the baker. the girl, watching all this unfold, fumbled with her shirt buttons until she found what she was looking for. She shoved past throngs of observers, past the business consultant she'd been berated by last week, and into the center ring. She grabbed the key chain and smacked the baker with it to deter him. It hit his eye and he fell back, howling in pained agony. As he cowered below her and the crowd dispersed, she found herself all alone. the people she'd tried to protect slowly faded, and suddenly she was teleported into a grassy meadow. in mher hand she hel

Completed challenges

The following challenges were completed during the writing exercise:

Begin Start typing to begin
Letter Use the letter B
Event There's a strange noise
Prop Include a shirt button
Words Reach 50 words
Character An unguarded shoemaker
Words Reach 100 words
Letter Use the letter P
Event Aliens invade
Prop Include a pasta strainer
Character A vulnerable moneylender
Event A fight breaks out
Words Reach 200 words
Letter Use the letter A
Character An unpleasant business consultant
Prop Include a key chain
Letter Use the letter D
Event Your character is all alone
Words Reach 300 words

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