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8/24/21 The Time Spirits

by Penpause47 | Score: 3500

Testing something about to happen. He's not sure where the world will end. Something's happening with the writing on the walls. The spirits are caving in like an uncomfortable sea of hope and despair. He's holding the clock, but the hand isn't moving. His sister stands beside him, her face stricken with fear. She's holding an odd cooking utensil, a pair of bent tongs she'd grabbed from the kitchen prior to the disaster. She's speaking to him. Her mouth moves but no sound comes out. He cups a hand to his ear, unable to hear her over the howling of the wind. She grips the tongs tighter in her fist and raises her voice to a shout.
"You have to stop this!"
He can barely hear him despite her efforts to increase the volume. The darkness is folding all around him. The room feels like it's about to collapse. His sister starts to shiver as the temperature drastically drops. 
"Put the clock back!"
He doesn't hear her. Or, if he does, he doesn't process what she's saying. He's become fixated on the spinning hands in front of him. The glass of the small clock is cracked, and the second hand is moving counterclockwise faster than a speeding rollercoaster. The metal feels warm in his hand.
His sister grabs his arm.
"You have to put it back. You'll kill us all if you don't."
She reaches for the clock in his hand, but he jerks it away, a fire blazing in his eyes. He pushes her backward and she stumbles, crying out. His eyes widen. He blinks, regaining control of himself and his senses. He suddenly becomes painfully aware of the storm raging around him. The hands of the clock spin faster. He looks down at it and drops it in shock. 
The chaos disappears all at once. The dust clears, and the room is empty once again, as if nothing had ever happened. The clock lies broken on the floor, its hands bent and eerily still. He hears the sound of his sister's heavy breathing.
"Jason," she breathes. "What was that?"
"I don't know." He takes a moment to collect himself, still staring at the broken mess of clockwork and machinery on the floor. "We should get out of here."
His sister nodded and sighed in relief. The tension was thick in the room. She still gripped the pair of tongs in her hand with a familiar sense of urgency. The boy grabbed her other hand and began sprinting down the hallway. He couldn't shake the feeling of the spir

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Event The air turns black all around
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