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random story that I didn't finished

by Walter Rhodes | Score: 1300

this is a heist stick them up someone yelled. really loudly. then guns started going of. so i made the logical choice and ran to the vault. and shut the door. a couple minuets later I head banging on the vault door, along with some muffled yells. I need   to get out of hear. I thought  while I looked around. welp, they wanted in here so they might have a way out from the inside of the  vault. I looked down and started tapping my foot to see if I could spot any differences. tap--tap, tap--tab. then the floor almost gave way under my weight. looks like I found it. I said happilyI looked around, thinking maybe I could take a bag of cash with me. no one will miss it. I said as while I laughed nervously filling a bag up with cash. once i got the cash I stepped on the hollow area and fell in the sewers. splash.

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Event A bank is robbed

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