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"Ranboo don't you even think about putting those fucking claws anywhere near me, I swear to god." Tommy warns, leaning away.

He puts his hands up defensively, purple flush spreading across his cheeks. "I won't!" Multicolored eyes flick around the room. "But...you still need prep."

Tommy pursues his lips. There was no way in hell he wouldn't do prep but fingering himself under Ranboos watchful gaze was much too embaressing. 

They sit in silence trying to find a compromise. Ranboo licks his lips, a nervous habit that he's been trying to break. Suddenly Tommy gets a great idea.

"Hey can you lay down?" Ranboo furrows his brow at the request.

"Can I ask why?" Nervously shifting in place as he fiddles with the blankets.

Tommy just gives him a grin which if his grimace was anything to go by, did not help ease his nerves in the slightest. Straddling the others hips he purrs, "Trust me big man. I got an idea." 

The purple deepens. It's a nice color, he notes, wonder if it spreads all over his body. He'll make sure to find out later as right now Ranboo leans back staring at him curiously from his new position. The unabashed trust lights up his body with excitement.

He hums contently, standing up so he can straddle his chest instead. "You're gonna eat me out," Tommy announces, much to pleased at the sight of Ranboo's eyes dialating. He wastes no time moving up until his pussy is hovering above the other's face.

"Tell me if it's too much," he mutters, slowly lowering himself.

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