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The Meteor and my last day

by Raavener | Score: 2600

There I was, sitting on my front porch counting all the times i stepped out of my house to do mundane things, enjoying my last sip of beer.
It all started a few weeks ago when we heard the news of a meteor the size of the moon coming for us.
At first we thought our planet was safe and that we could destroy such a monstrosity, but we couldnt build the spacecraft and rockets in time, so now we are stuck here, watching, waiting. My dog had his head on my lap, knowing exactly that we would die together in mere hours. I looked up at the sky and saw this giant boulder hurling towards us, a few hours ago it was just as big as the moon, but now it filled almost the entire sky. While sitting on my porch contemplating what I could have done differently up until now, I unbuttoned my shirt and scratched my chest.
I decided to take one last stroll through my neighborhood. My dog followed me closely. The houses seemed so different, abandoned by the people. They thought bunkers would keep them safe, I did not. A few houses down the street there lived an old lady who wasn´t quite sure how to react to all this meteor business, so she just baked the entire week and put all of the goods in her yard.  I walked over to her garden and grabbed a piece of cake, my dog snatched a cookie. I didnt mind him doing that, after all we will die in a matter of hours.
The sky darkened, the giant space boulder blocked all the light from the sun, we went home in the gloom.

I decided to sleep it out,

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Prop Include a shirt button
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Character An uncertain fisherman/woman
Letter Use the letter D

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