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Travel - Extraction

by Cassidy | Score: 2900

The floor rumbled beneath them to the ominous tone of thunder.
"That can't be good."
"That'll be the Catchers. Time to leave."
With a sharp nod, she and her companion started running again for the stairwell. Higher and higher, they climbed the floors until they could reach the rooftop access. With heaving breath and battling a stitch in her side, she and her companion burst through the door and into open air. They scanned the open area quickly.
"He should be here."
"Gerot!" Her companion called urgently. They didn't have time. There was no response.
Then, from behind a boxy vent, their contact rose.
"Stars are in alignment for some trouble," he said nervously. Her companion huffed.
"This is why I hate the zealots."
She rolled her own eyes at her companion and crossed to their contact.
"We need to leave quickly, they'll be right behind us by now." The contact looked at her with deep eyes, and for a second, she though she saw star light flash in them.
"I think it's to late for us all."
The access door behind them burst open again, and Catchers poured out. One had his gun already aimed. They all dove for cover behind the vent.
Her companion crumpled before making it. She clamped down on her scream and yanked their contact to his feet. They ran for the outside fire escape, staying low, and another shot rang out. Another. Her companion was silent now.
They reached the fire escape, an unreliable metal ladder that she shoved them both down. Nearly falling, they made the middle landing. She took her baton and cracked open the window, shoving her contact through.
"Into the next room," he said and she went, dragging him with her.
They were in a kitchen, and on the kitchen was a button. She grabbed for it, touched it, and they were gone.

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event Something explodes
Words Reach 50 words
Words Reach 100 words
Character A zealous astrologer
Event Someone passes away
Words Reach 200 words
Prop Include a shirt button

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