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Some stupid story

by Espen Childream | Score: 4800

Areacic was shocked. He had never seen a dog so dark. Moreover, it was emiting a starnge black gas, kind of like smoke. The container of pudding fell down. The hound seemed to have deep violet eyes. It also seemed more bigger than normal hounds, it was more like a wolf. It growled at him and slowly turned away. than it lept at a wall of the house. But instead of smaking itself in the head, it passed through seemlessley. Areaci was stunned and petrified. But he found a way to run to the door. but there he found a potral. The Poor Pip fell into the portal and was transported to a house in the future. There lay annie, struck by a cresendo, hit by a smooth criminal. He decided to destroy the criminal. There was a man singing outside, he ws asking if annie was okay, but he did not seem to be helping. He deduced that that man was a smooth criminal, and so hit him with the shoe witha knife, that had fallen. after that, another portal appeared and aeric wasd transfered back. there he saw Alisce fallen down on the ground, with a huge crowd around here. She was bleeding proprusley, the ground itself had turned a bloody red, with some beige. Arceic was her boyfriend, and he vommited at the spot due to the scene that was before him. but soon he founbd thathe die

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