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Dusty Wishes

by Anna B | Score: 2900

Grandfather’s will was in a tinderbox. He had put it in there right after smoking his last cigar. His wish was for me to read it upon his passing. That was a week ago. The funeral had come and gone, long distant relatives and friends had returned to their regular lives and the business of dying was left to me. Not my father or my grandmother, who were both still alive. 
It's not that he hated me, and I didn't hate him, either. I wasn't his favorite family member; I was really loud and broke a lot of stuff. Not on purpose, but I did rip a few of his books. He used to be a bookkeeper, a distant one, but he made some good sales. It was quite a nice place, actually. Quiet and quaint. He was quickly shut down though, after the police finding out that some weird guy was selling drugs in the basement. Quite a sad ending for the little shop. It deserved better. Which is why, I guess, that he left it to me. 
The door was creaky and the bottom floor smelled musty and moldy. Looking around, I found some magazines and an old newspaper from 19-something showing a plane crash, a marketing director getting sued, and a bunch of boring stuff. Really, I didn't care all that much, but he gave the old place to me for a reason, so I guess I should do some more poking around.
I found a toy plane and some trucks in the kids' section, but not much else. All the books were gone. Maybe in a closet or something. As I took in the high arched ceilings, the long rows of empty shelves, and dust and grime coating every uncovered surface, I smiled.
I might just be able to turn this place around.

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Event An airplane crashes
Character A maternal marketing director
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Prop Include a toy plane

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