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Sad Homeless Guy

by Ted Cruz | Score: 3850

A man named Jackson was a homeless man who had a garbage life in a garbage city. He always hated his life and just wanted it to end, but he never had the guts to do it. One day he was walking past some people talking about the lottery.  One of them was saying that they would buy a rhino if they won. Jackson realized that he had enough for a lottery ticket. He ran to the gas station and bough one. He walked out of the station and sat down. He began to drink a half full beer bottle he found on the sidewalk. He became drunk right after chugging it. Jackson woke up in a fright. There was a rabid raccoon walking by. He sat there silently. As the raccoon went away he noticed a billboard was showing the numbers. He jumped up and read his ticket. He....won. He began to jump around screaming. He was filled with so much joy. Jackson woke up sweating. He smiled and looked at his card and the billboard. He lost. He realized that him winning the lottery was a dream. He became sad and walked towards a bridge. Looking down at the water he remembered about his childhood. He missed it so much. He jumped. No one tried to stop him, no one screamed as he fell. They all just watched, and continued with their day. 

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