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Love to my ears.

by me | Score: 2650

The strings lured me into a melodic daydream, and i fell. The love hit me in a rush but not only for the music, but the girl who was violently pouring her heart out into it. At that moment i knew that i had to meet her again. It might seem silky and i might be the stupidest guy ever but i know that I've only felt this way once, and i lost my chance to go after it. So i wont do that again.

"Hey Ricky"!!! My little sister jumped on me with excitement. Her plush dog dangling in her hand, God she takes that thing with her everywhere. I hug her tight and gently set her down, tickling her behind her ear. "Whered you come from."  " Mommy said you would be at this show, so i wanted to come and watch to, "she said giving me a big smile. My heart melted when she did that. Me and gracie weren't real siblings, but in my heart she was. I was adopted by a white couple who didn't want to have kids, so once they saw me they knew they wanted me . After some time they decide they were ready to ave another kid, but while Jennie was pregnant, my adoptive mom, Richard died in a plane crash, devastating all of us. It was because of him that i continue to listen to music and become so intrigued by it. "How are you liking the show so far", i ask gracie. " Its good, that gurl is really pretty and she plays well, i want to be just like her." That makes me smile, because 

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