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Down is Not Out

by Tracy | Score: 1250

It wasn't a normal firing! Everyone knew that! It was 15 years she held that job until covid 19 stole it from her.  It seemed life was full of stolen moments. This time things were different. She halfway saw it coming. She was more prepared. She would have her revenge.

She would be so good her former company would not know what hit them. She was going to be the competition they couldn't afford to rehire. She would not be bought by them she would survive and thrive as they watched and suffered.  She cared some friends might suffer.She could hire them if pride did not stop them from seeking her help. If they were true friends they would ask when they saw her strength! That was her starting goal. 

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Event Someone loses his/her job
Begin Start typing to begin
Words Reach 50 words
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