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The Whip

by Anonymous | Score: 2800

Well, that's, just, it then, he thought, looking out the window. Nope, there wasn't anything living out there, not so far as he could see. So that was it. Civilization had come to an end. Now what? 

Randy had been an engineer on Nexus airlines, usually doing repair work on their newest airplanes. It had been a remarkable period, a major technological upgrade every year, and it was everything just for Randy to keep up to date. It had been hard to cope. He understood that everyone had a way to do what he was doing -- to try not to think about their lives. His just might have been especially unique. 

A sensitive astrologer in his youth, Randy had carefully followed the movements of the stars for long enough that he, in the privacy of his garage, drunk, with a box of markers, could shut off his conscious processes and listen to the prophesies of his organism, making constellations across the whole ceiling.

Afterwards, he would strip and chain his hips to his small Toyota, and run around the garage smashing a whip forwards and back, sometimes getting it on his 

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