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Batman : thinking about a murder

by Anonymous | Score: 2000

The storm clouds gathered and the rain poured down. The night was dark , as a black panther. 

Alfred- Mr. Wayne ,do you mind if i ask to you something?

Bruce Wayne - is it a problem Alfred ?  If it is , tell me later . Today i had a tumultuous day facing the bandits in Gotham city. - said him and after drank in a  magnificent cup of glass.

Alfred - Mr. Wayne , it's not what you thought. it's the Massion , the Massion had yesterday a short collapse on the system . The software that manage the energy shall be revised, and optimized. 

Bruce Wayne - Alright Alfred , do the best that you can . I'm thinking about the murder that occurred today, and i didn't get the responsables. This murder needs to be solved ! Sooner or later, definitely  i'll figure out it!

Alfred - Indeed Mr. Wayne , when you put something in mind, you tend to be stubborn.  I wonder , if it would be a good or bad attribute.  - Said him cleaning the cup with a flannel the wet cup. 

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Begin Start typing to begin
Event It pours
Words Reach 50 words
Sentence "What problem?"
Letter Use the letter C
Location A mansion
Words Reach 100 words

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